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I see this request time and time again, so I quickly took some screenshots to show you how I do it. This is also how most dealers do it too!

Go through the list, and click on the section you think it will be under. It will automatically expand the options, and show the picture, just simply click on a different link to condense the current selection and it will open the newly selected link automatically.[/B]

TIP: You can click on the numbers themselves in the image, and it will highlight and center on that item in the list on the left.

NOTE: You'll notice our master cylinder assembly has a (-) under the # column, meaning that it is not listed in the microfiche image. But it still gives us a part number to use or order with. You'll find this is very common on many assembled parts, such as engines and gear cases as well.

You will want to select and copy the 7 digit part number, and then look at the menu at the top of your screen, and click on Advance Search

You simply paste the part number into the search box on the left, just like I have done. Almost always I leave the rest undone, see the tip below.

TIP: Almost always I leave the rest of the filtering options unmarked. This will give you the full list of machines that have matching parts. If you are wanting to know if a part from a specific machine fits your machine, than you can narrow the results to a certain product line and year.

Hit search, and it brings up your results for machines with matching parts.

TIP: You'll notice you have the Arrange By drop down box, I usually set that to model year, but arrange the results in whatever fashion is easiest for you.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP REGARDING COLOR: If you are looking at anything color related, such as body plastics, in addition to their part number they will have a dash and a three digit number. Something like XXXXXXX-XXX. Almost every year, the colors have changed slightly, so they get new color codes. If you search the whole 10 digit number, your results will be poor. If you search only the first 7 part numbers, you'll see all the machines that use that style of bodywork, but not necessarily that color.
Great post.thanks. I've been telling people about this for years very helpful.

As a side note an easier way to use it is to expand the area on the left where it shows the quantity part number description etc at the very right of that list it will have a column for "usage", if you click on that button it shows you all of the recent models that use that particular part, only downfall is I believe it only goes back a few years and is not as inclusive as doing it the way you showed in the original post.

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