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I took the 500X2 out the weekend and put another 300 miles on her since the XP is still in the shop. She rolled over to 9600 miles while we were riding. It needs front A Arm bushings and sleeves for the 1st time and since I have it apart I am going to put my 2nd set of front wheel bearings and ball joints in.
I am going to take the rear hubs off and give the rear bearings a good greasing and see if the back bushings need changing and see what else needs to be done. I am also going to put another 2 quarts of Mobile 1 in the engine and some 5W20 in the tranny and synthetic ATF in the front gearcase.
I have never changed the coolant so I guess I will do that. I noticed it ran a little warmer than normal and the coolant is a lighter green than what it has been. The X2 just takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. Doesn't use a drop of oil.
Never had the valves adjusted either. I think it is getting time but it starts right up.

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