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After getting accidentally hooked on ATVs after a random cheap chinese ATV purchase I have now gone all out and bought a Scrambler 500 HO 2006 (for me this is a big deal :D ). I am still waiting for delivery due tomorrow, and I am already contemplating some mods!

So I would like to investigate the posibility of changing to wheels of different sizes, but then I realized that it has 4x4 and I worry that if I change the wheel dimensions that the gear-box ratio is fixed to support stock wheel sizes. So can anyone more knowlegeable than I please comment on this? Does it have a center diff, are there any limits to what wheel sizes I should Look at?

I really want a little wider tires and identical wheel dimensions in front and back.


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Well, it's not an automotive product and it is ON DEMAND all wheel drive. It is not full time AWD and the front wheels only drive when the rear wheels slip and then they must be engaged at a certain low speed - if the back wheels are spinning at a high rate of speed, the front wheels will not engage until the rate of spin is slowed.

There is no 'transfer case', no differential center, front or rear - the rear is a chain driven live axle - the front is an angle gear drive driving both front wheels at the same speed and the rate of drive is determined by the internal gear reduction of the transmission.

Be sure to read the owners manual before you start operating the vehicle to understand the controls, cautions and warnings - learn to operate it before considering modifications and then make informed mods to suit your wants and needs.
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