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Tools and stuff for back country riding

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New to ATVing and by the end of the summer I'll probably be heading out into some remote mountain regions for some back country trail riding, and I'm wondering just what kind of stuff/tools etc I should bring along in case of breakdowns/events etc. Short list so far includes a GPS (probably a Garmin Montana 650T), a tire repair kit, and courtesy of my Mom one of those satellite personal locator beacons, probably the ResQLink+ from ACR.

Any other suggestions for stuff that might come in handy?
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Hello, I have read all the posts. I am the Mature Adventurer with lots of YouTube videos. Everyone has posted the correct stuff. Yes you would need a small trailer and a lot more gas to do serious back country rides. Yes a chainsaw is a must or simply go to an area that is maintained by an ATV group/club or go home. You will spend all your energy and water hacking threw dead fall trees. Then there is water run off and sink holes. Be careful where you tread at night. If you plan on cutting trail, I would not do this alone as it is exhausting and yes you will more then likely puncture your tires. I always pack bear spray for any type of animal. Forestry person told me to pack 2-3 as one will not be enough if the animals are in a pack. Also an air horn will do amazing things to wild life as well. Riding with a loaded gun to use at a moments notice is personal choice. Good to have if you need to hunt for your dinner. Also packing a small baggy of fishing line, a bobbin, dried fish bait and hooks is easy and can help pass the time if you wanted to camp some place.

If you live close to your area then you can work at opening your trails as my husband and I have started to do. Once you feel you’ve gone a far enough distance then get packed and go for a longer stay out in the wilderness.

I always pack my portable heater and 5 pound propane tank. It’s easy to get sick in the wilderness, so keeping yourself warm and dry is paramount! It may be crazy hot in the day but can be cold at night and if the rain comes as you may know can make you much colder.

If you have considered joining an ATV group or looked on line for resort cabin places that already have a trail network in place or find a group that does 3 night or more cross country adventures; I would seriously start there. The clubs spend a lot of time ensuring the trails are clear and can go for 100s of Miles. This helps to lighten your load that you would need to carry on your own, they also would have connections in the areas you travel if there is a breakdown on your machine.
I am looking forward to an event like this, but in the mean time, myself and you can enjoy my short excursions on YouTube. And the baby steps We are doing to get to the big back county. Here are some pictures of our trail clearing efforts, and a bit on how I express my respect for the forest.

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