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Tools and stuff for back country riding

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New to ATVing and by the end of the summer I'll probably be heading out into some remote mountain regions for some back country trail riding, and I'm wondering just what kind of stuff/tools etc I should bring along in case of breakdowns/events etc. Short list so far includes a GPS (probably a Garmin Montana 650T), a tire repair kit, and courtesy of my Mom one of those satellite personal locator beacons, probably the ResQLink+ from ACR.

Any other suggestions for stuff that might come in handy?
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I just built a quick day kit for my quad....for here in the sub-Arctic. Hope the info is useful. No trees or cell service 2 kms from town. The kit is in a small tool bag so it doesn't take up any room. Easy to grab when going out the door.

Extra gloves, socks, woolen hat
Tools, wrenches etc
Spare plug, removal wrench, electrical tape
12 volt air pump, gauge, stem remover
Hunting knife, lighter, extra tow rope
Winch (installed)
Nutrition bars -3 or 4
2 folded plastic bags
First aid kit...mainly band aids

Longer trips:
Emergency beacon, blankets, sleeping bag
Canned beans and opener.
Quart of oil
Extra gas.
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