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Tools and stuff for back country riding

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New to ATVing and by the end of the summer I'll probably be heading out into some remote mountain regions for some back country trail riding, and I'm wondering just what kind of stuff/tools etc I should bring along in case of breakdowns/events etc. Short list so far includes a GPS (probably a Garmin Montana 650T), a tire repair kit, and courtesy of my Mom one of those satellite personal locator beacons, probably the ResQLink+ from ACR.

Any other suggestions for stuff that might come in handy?
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i would suggest u get your local polaris mechanic to follow u in somthing dependable with assortment of pipes hoses clamps wires etc had a brand new exp 700 1o hrs on it 25 miles from nowhere usa between ky and tn rubber hose between engine and radiator burst and dumped all the coolant dealer said he would replace hose but thats all he could do i got lucky and a guy came along and had some pvc with him scabbed it back together and limped back home----oooo and just for good measure i was with 3 other people all riding 660 rhino's i had to listen to their mouth all the time until i finally said fuck it and sold the piece of shit polaris the dealers are all aware of the problems and refuse to do a dam thing about it just dick u around unril yr out of warranty clutches failing melting plastic heat sheild broken front dif exploded belts slipped belt cover leaked water u name it ooo almost forgot parking brake never worked from day 1 fuck polaris never again
Bye 👋
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