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Tools and stuff for back country riding

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New to ATVing and by the end of the summer I'll probably be heading out into some remote mountain regions for some back country trail riding, and I'm wondering just what kind of stuff/tools etc I should bring along in case of breakdowns/events etc. Short list so far includes a GPS (probably a Garmin Montana 650T), a tire repair kit, and courtesy of my Mom one of those satellite personal locator beacons, probably the ResQLink+ from ACR.

Any other suggestions for stuff that might come in handy?
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Just in case I'm stranded for days, I carry two of these. LOL


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Went shopping today, added a few things to my arsenal of stuff I carry.


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Amazing, thanks for all the replies everybody! I've asked this question in a couple places and so after I compile all the suggestions I'll come back and post the final big list.

I'll be riding in the mountains of eastern Kentucky btw.
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OK here's the big list of all the suggestions I've been given, alphabetized to help sort out the duplicates. It's crazy long and of course depending on the type of exploring you’re doing not everything’s entirely necessary. The list covers everything from a light day ride to really back country stuff miles away from anybody. Long list but probably still worth a read through.

6" socket set extension

air compressor (batt powered) or high volume manual pump

air pressure gauge

ammo boxes to keep everything dry

battery - USB for phone

battery pack for atv (Antigravity) (Peak booster pack fairly cheap)


bug repellent

bungee cords diff size


can of baked beans

can opener

carabiners - 2

cell phone charger

cell phone in a ziploc bag

channel locks - the big ones (my blue handle ones)

clevis to attach to a pulley to a tree with tow strap

CO2 cylinders (3) or can of fix a flat


cotter pins

crescent wrench

D rings

dry socks

electrical tape

fire extinguisher / fire extinguishing materials (prob lighter and smaller than a whole fire extinguisher)

fire extinguisher

fire starter stuff – alternatively some fine steel wool and a 9v battery

first aid kit (simple)


food - cans

fuses - spare

garbage bags 2

gas – 2 gal

glasses - extra pair of Rx

gloves (light leather)


gorilla tape

GPS w/ extra set of new batteries

hammer - small

hand cleaner


head light bulb - spare


hex keys

hooded sweatshirt


key - spare for ATV

LED light bar

light – black diamond head light

light sticks

lighters - two

multi tool


needle nose pliers w/ wire cutter part

newspaper for fire

paper map of the area

pepper - just regular table pepper about 5oz or more - plugs radiator leaks, blown head gasket

pepper spray - bear

PLB - persona locator beacon (satellite)


pulley for winching

pulley block

rain clothes

ratchet straps (2 small like my camo ones)

recoil starter

relays - spare

rope (poly - at least 50 ft)

saw - folding

screwdriver - multi

shovel - small fold up

side cutters ?

silicone rubber tape

silicone tube

small saw

socket set - 3/8 and 1/4 drive, or a 3/8 drive w/ 1/4 adapter – largest socket is a 3/4

space blanket

spare belt for a CVT drive

spark plug + gap tool

spark plug socket/wrench

spray bottle of soapy water

T25 and T15 drivers

tarp (small for rain events)

telescopic magnetic pickup tool

test light and volt meter

tire plugs - twice as many as you think you'll need

toilet paper or wipes

tow strap

towel old

trunk on back rack to carry everything

universal tool kit like... https://www.channellock.com/39100-unifit-socket-set.aspx

utility knife w/ spare blades

valve stem tool and spare caps

vice grips - a 4in adjustable and a 12in adjustable

water – lots bottles pre-frozen


wire - electrical - 10 ft of 14ga

wire (bailing) - wire spool – (snare wire) (mechanics wire)

wrench adjustable

wrench to remove axle castle nut - in case you break a drive shaft

zip lock bags

zip ties 12'-15'
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Damm, If you plan on carrying all that gear I hope you invested in a 3/4 ton ATV, maybe there will be room for you. Best advice I've ever got "tell someone where your going and when you plan to be back". Best of luck in your travels :hmmm:
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pepper spray - bear
You meant to say .44 Magnum hand gun.
Take a page from the pirate desertion manual

Gallon of rum and a pistol with one shot...:hmmm:
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Yeah couldn't possibly carry all that stuff. I'll probably load on only maybe a 1/4 of all that.

Gun is def a must but for bears I saw a good discussion about gun vs. spray. The factors were that because a bear is such a big animal hitting a vital is difficult...a shot might just piss the bear off even more. Second is that a lot of people aren't a great shot in a high anxiety situation while pepper spray covers a wide area. And third is that on advice from someone I'd consider a bear expert that there's no record of a bear being hit in the eyes with pepper and then still continuing an attack. But I hear ya if you can put it in the right spot a .44 slug would certainly do the trick.
Ah unless I misread he is riding in Kentucky. Not a hot bed for Grizzly bears lol. Now if he was riding where I grew up in Northern Idaho on the Montana border different story. I ride NC, WV, Kentucky and wouldn't even consider bear spray. If your on an ATV the only thing you might see is the ass end of a black bear leaving the area. You need to consider where and what type of riding he is doing. I would be more concerned with having the ability to start a fire in wet or dry conditions if I had to stay out all night. Much more important than worrying about a bear.
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I always carry a small chain saw as the biggest problems I have encountered were trees down blocking trails. A winch can work hand in hand with the saw to remove trees.
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If you carry a chainsaw, then you also need to carry fuel & the tools to fix it.

I sometimes carry a bow saw--not as fast as a chain saw, but much lighter.
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Ah unless I misread he is riding in Kentucky. Not a hot bead for Grizzly's lol.
This is just funny as hell LOLOLOLOLO
Good reading .. and 44Mag for Griz .. better save the last shot for yourself so you won't be alive whilst being eaten.. :yikes:
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44 mag for griz lol. You don't know much about grizzly's. Why do you think the Alaska wildlife officers carry 12gauge shotguns. Can you kill a grizzly with a 44? Of course you can. Are you experienced enough to stand your ground and make a good shot when a grizzly is in a full charge at you? I think not. I grew up in Northern Idaho and at that time there were still grizzly's there. I hunted since I was big enough to carry a 22 and I can shoot and hit what I aim at. I would not even want to try that scenario with a pistol. Give me a 12 gauge with slugs and no plug in the tube so I had more than three shots lol.
Think I will put a sticky on this thread. Pretty good info and ideas in here, and a pretty common question for folks.
most important thing, as many squirt water bottles as u can bring to rinse a clogged up radiator. second a tow strap, one should never venture deep in the bush by themselves, you can have 3 socket sets with you but if you dont have extra parts like voltage regular, stator, for exemple, your still screwed.
Some basic hand tools, cresent wrench, mini screw driver set and plyers /cutters.
Tow rope, fuel, matches, shit tickets, small chainsaw....
Mechanics wire saved me a ton of trouble a couple years ago when my friends bike chain tentioner broke... Jimi rigged it with wire so I didnt have to tow him back 10 miles...
Duct tape and extra body clips.

Good thread.... Adding things to my list. :headbang:
One of my riding partners refuses to ever take anything and he is the only SOB that ever breaks, gets stuck, gets flats etc. We need to just leave him out there one time to teach him a lesson I guess.
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Thanks for making this a sticky!
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