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Top speed on 2002 700 Sportsman 4x4

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What should my top speed be on this quad, seems like it wont go over 35 MPH.
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First off, Welcome to the board!
I figured you would say that, are you the official greeting committee?

First off, Welcome to the board!
I'll state the obvious and I'm not trying to be a smartazz. Make sure you aren't in low gear. I have a 2003 Sportman 700 and I can bury the speedo in high gear. It seems I had a similar problem as you way back when I first got the machine and my dealer had to make some kind of adjustment. Unfortunately that was back in `03 and I don't remeber what they did, but I haven't had a bit of drivability problems since then. Maybe it was in the clutch!
Yes it is in high gear. It does have low PSI tires on it that are wide for mud, but that should only slow it a bit. How can you tell if the clutch is going? I was told it has a clutch kit in it, not sure what that does.

How fast does yours top out at?
you should get more than 35 mph in high gear regardless of the tires. You wouldn't be alble to tell if the clutch was the issue without removing the clutch side cover and seeing if the belt comes all the way up on the sheeves when under acceleration. A clutch kit can do many things depending on what springs/weights/ramps they put in. I would take it to a dealer who you can trust. It may be just a minor adjustment somewhere. I wish I could remember what they did tio mine, I know it was minor because they had it fixed in one day. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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