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Hey guys,

Has anyone here put a steering damper / stabilizer on their trailblazer and can share an image of ? I just bought my daughter a mint condition 03 TB and the steering on these things is really touchy. So much so that a giant root pulled her hard to the right on a trail yesterday ( her first ride ) and she rolled it.

She has ridden that trail plenty on our 400 4x4 scrambler but as you know, the steering on that isn't nearly as touchy.

I have a Scott's on my KTM EXC 250 and don't feel this style would work on the trailblazer. I put a Shindy stick style on my youngest daughters Kasea 50 ( modded to a 70 ) and it works great but the mods I did to make that work don't really apply to the TB

Anyone have a trailblazer with a stabilizer ??
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