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Transmission identification needed

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Transmission question. I did search the forum here first, found nothing.

I bought what was supposed to be a 4x4 transmission. Chain drive, mid ‘90’s Sportsman 350, so I was told.

When I got it home, the output shaft only has splines for a rear sprocket. My ATV, 1999 Xplorer 300 4x4 has the splines all the way out for the brake disc and the front drive sprocket. The trans I just bought has two shifter shafts on top. Everything else looks the same. Does anyone know where on the trans case there may be a serial or part number? There are no decals like on mine. It almost looks like the output shaft was for 2wd, but did 2wd come with a high and low range ? Or a separate reverse shifter . Looks like there is also a speedometer cable housing on it too

Pictures below of the end of the shaft

Sorry for the question, newbie here.
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What model ATV do you have?
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