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I know this at least theoreticaly is impossible, but I want to try. I have bought a used EPS unit, and want to try to fix it on my late 2008 Sportsman 500 EFI. There are no cables on the ATV that are described as "CAN" high or low, but the diagnostic port has a yellow and dark green cable labeled "diagnostic". On 2009 and newer models theese exact same cables, with same colours, are described as CAN high/low. When I measure the voltage on these two, they correspond to CAN-voltages (yellow reads 2,8, dark green reads 1,7).

But when I hook it up, it doesnt seem to work. I wont bother fabricating a new steering column and fix for it if it doesnt work, so I am bench-testing the EPS unit. When I turn on the ATV I get a click and a little jerk in the EPS unit (probably because of signal from ignition-on) but nothing more. It doesnt appear to do any helping when I turn it by hand, when the ATV is on.

Is there any way to test if the unit works before fitting it in the ATV? And even better, is there a way to bypass CAN-signals if the ones from the ECU are garbish?

Thanks :)

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