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Hi everyone. Recently bought my first ATV, a 2012 sportsman 500 and put it under water. Got stuck with the water up to the top of the tires (bottomed the frame out). Didn't shut off from water but had to turn it off to wait to be pulled out. It sat for about 2 hours in the water. Water wasn't over exhaust. Had to run it about an hour home. No water in the oil or air box. Flipped it earlier in the day so there was oil in the air box. What should I check to make sure nothing was ruined? All info and advise is appreciated. I already pulled drain plug on belt housing. It had about 5 ounces of water in it. I also cleaned the air box. Thanks in advance.
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man that sounds like a bad day....flipped it and sunk it!!!

it sounds like you got everything in order tho

if your gonna play in the water DIELECTRIC grease your electrical connections..
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