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I just recently purchased a 2002 Sportsman 500 HO, and im getting some strange noise and vibrations from the engine-belt. It has 2000miles on it, and i believe its got the original belt on it, and i dont think the clutch has ever been rebuilt. The noise is intermittant at idle, and its not a thump or bump sound, its a light squeaking sound, and only does it in nutural, once i shift it into gear it goes away. The vibration happens between 2500 and 3500rpms(im guessing, no tach) and is constant until i hit top end and stays. I know that with snowmobiles if that happens you usually have a flat spot in your belt from it not spinning as fast in the primary. Does this sound like the same scenario to anyone? I just dont want to start tearing it down if thats the problem. any help would be awesome. thanks.
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