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WA street legal ATV's

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WA recently passed legislation to allow ATV's on highways with speed limits of 35 mph or less as long as they meet certain requirements. WA State Licensing (DOL) Official Site: Licensing wheeled all-terrain vehicles I've read that actual license plates won't be available until May 2014.

Counties with a population of 15000 or more can make additional requirements. I have yet to determine if Mason county is going with only the state standards or adding some of their own.

I have a 550 EPS. It has most of the requirement equipment, but I need to add a horn, license plate light, handlebar mirror and turn signals.

Has anyone here bothered to obtain the tags to drive on the roads? I'm about two miles from the nearest forest trails so it would be much easier to drive to the trail than to load the ATV into the back of my pickup. Thanks.

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anybody in need of a street legal kit, feel free to contact me, in the sedro woolley area. Mostly deal with polaris sxs and quads, but can make work on anything. Takes about 4 hours depending on the rig. Will do it cheaper than any shops around here. You will just have to supply mirrors once I'm done and get watv certified by a dealership. I usually just install a horn and small led markers, front and rear, both attached to dash mounted switches. Thanks [email protected]
Post a video.
Of an Atv with lights functioning as you’ve described. It helps when you can see what your buying.
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