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WA street legal ATV's

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WA recently passed legislation to allow ATV's on highways with speed limits of 35 mph or less as long as they meet certain requirements. WA State Licensing (DOL) Official Site: Licensing wheeled all-terrain vehicles I've read that actual license plates won't be available until May 2014.

Counties with a population of 15000 or more can make additional requirements. I have yet to determine if Mason county is going with only the state standards or adding some of their own.

I have a 550 EPS. It has most of the requirement equipment, but I need to add a horn, license plate light, handlebar mirror and turn signals.

Has anyone here bothered to obtain the tags to drive on the roads? I'm about two miles from the nearest forest trails so it would be much easier to drive to the trail than to load the ATV into the back of my pickup. Thanks.

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The Polaris international handlebar switch has all the functions of the US spec switch and... daytime running lights (no headlight off position), flash to pass, horn, turnsignal, and hazard switches.

If you need the "Start" button... There's a Canned-Ham/Bombardier switch # 710002963 that's similar to the Polaris International switch... Differences? It doesn't have flash-to-pass... that button is the reverse Override. The horn is in a different location than the Polaris switch and it has a green "Start" button needed on the earlier bikes. I would venture a guess that they are made by the same manufacturer.

The Asian switches in these kits are poor quality at best.
OEM Polaris pod switches are OTTO K1 series sealed switches. You can buy some of the OTTO K1 series switches from Mouser Electronics.
See my post in this thread... http://www.polarisatvforums.com/forums/polaris-xp/53702-electrical-switches.html#post399211

If you want to switch off the headlights just use an OTTO K1ABAAAAAA On Off or a K1ABHAAAAAA Off On SPST switch on the pod.
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Just ordered the euro switch cluster. Much nicer solution than individual switches..

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Yup. I tried a cheap die-cast aftermarket switch. Two rain storms and that switch quit. Looks great but not reliable...
I'm replacing it with the Euro switch.
how do you get away with non DOT tires?
Riding on the shoulder I should think it wouldn't matter.

From orbit on my Android.
Guy in my ATV club just got a renewal notice for his WATV that says EMISSIONS TEST REQUIRED. What the hell?
An activist in your licensing agency floating a test balloon to see what they can get away with...
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