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Hello all,

Quick question here. I have an older sportsman 90 that I picked up for $600. It is in pretty nice shape for its age. I have it partially stripped down to check for problems, etc, and discovered a crack in the upper tube on the frame. I know this is a common issue in the atv community. I tinker with things like this on the side for fun and have done so for years, mostly with amphibious six wheelers. One thing that I don’t have in my arsenal is welding. I am currently taking a tig welding night class and plan on taking the mig one eventually. I wanted to take one of these classes to get a general idea of what I’m doing before I dive in and learn bad skills. Anyways, enough of that, here’s my question:

I want to repair this crack the “correct way.” But first, is there actually a “correct way” to fix this? I showed these pictures to the instructors of my class and they were talking about me having to cut that section of frame out and to add in new metal, etc. That seems a bit extreme to me for this little 90cc wheeler that will never see over 10 mph in my yard. I am a picky person with attention to detail and DO indeed want to learn how to make repairs like this the correct way and not just to cob shit together. From everyone’s experience on here, how should I go about repairing this crack? I’m pretty sure it’s the only one on the frame…that I can see anyways.

I do not have a tig welder yet. I do own a mig welder that I purchased with my employee discount before I left my auto parts store but haven’t used it yet. I did take a one day mig course and would feel comfortable enough practicing with that and then using it to repair this eventually

I appreciate any suggestions/help! Thank you!
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