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2006 Polaris Sportsman EFI 800, Winch Polaris 2500 pounds, Second row seat, storage box, windshield.
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Im a newbie with Atv, I imagine is similar to what i was bringing in my jeep ride. but i want to see if i miss something in my list:

-Strap & bungees (bind stuff)
-Slink & d-shackles, winch pulley block, extension cables.
-Tow hitch if need be...
-microfiber cloth (to clean the windshield)
-Water & snack
-Small tool kit, ratchet kit
-Duck tape
-Mechanic wire spool
-Zip ties
-Trash bag (what go in must go out, logic)
-First aids kit
-Covid mask ( some place needed, just in case)
-Spare belt
-TP & wet-ones
-Head lamp
-Electronic emergency beacon
-Extra head light bulb (easy to change)
-Small survival kit (Whistle, ferrorod & stricker, compass, bic lighter, emergency bivvy, small tarp, hand saw & knife, small hatchet)
-Bug spray
-Fire extinguisher (need to pick-up one)
-Dry socks, t-shirt, jogging pans (Just in case)
-Extra jerry can with fuel
-Power bank & cable to charge cell phone and gps
-Tire plug kit, cement, extra plugs, fix a flat
-Rain suit
-Pills headhake & medication
-Quart of motor oil & funnel
-Woollen hat & baseball cap (when your not driving)

I think is pretty complete... Tell me if you had some gear or remove some. Thanks
By the way is my ATV some a-lot of storage + 2 Plano ammo case in the front no install yet.

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There's a sticky on this.
Hope this helps

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You bring Duck tape.. I bring duct tape with me, I sure as hell don't bring tape from a duck. Must be a Canadian thing.
Duck brand duct tape is referred to as “Duck Tape”
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If I tell you what I bring I have to kill you........plus tools, tire repair stuff, water, camera, food, trauma kit, spare belt (for the machine, not me.....), rain gear....survival stuff just in case, plus whatever I feel I need for the day
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