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I was just curious as to what you guys carry with you for longer rides? Gear, tools, etc. All the riding I've done up to this point has been pretty close to home and not remote at all so I never really worried about much. This summer I'll be doing longer rides in the mountains out of state and wanted to know what are the "must have" things to have with you and things that you might think are necessary.

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so far not much
a lifting strap so I can wrap around a tree and use the winch.
need to add a flashlight,tire plug kit,12v compressor,selection of tools,first aid kit,fire starter,space blanket,canteen of water,energy bars

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I carry in the back tool box slime, small air compressor, tire plug kit, ATV tool kit and fuses, first aid kit, tow rope, leatherman multitool, flashlight and magnesium fire starter. Up front I carry baby wipes (a life saver lol), antibacterial wipes, ibuprofen, atv dust mask, and snacks and a few drinks.

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Front Storage Box
Slime air compressor (plugs into accessory plug)
Plug Kit, bottle of Slime
Tool kit with:
Bit driver
48-bit set (phillips/flat/allen/hex)
3/8" drive ratchet
Large & Small adjustable wrench
Needlenose pliers w/ wire cutter
Channel-lock pliers
Stainless steel zip ties
Assorted sizes of plastic zip ties
Electrical tape
Duct tape
Fillet knife
Couple of utility/hunting knives
SOG Multi-tool
Extra ratchet straps
Extra bungee cords
Roll of sh*t tickets
Trauma and first aid kit with:
Tampons (nothing better for plugging a bleeding wound)
CPR mask
Large field dressing
Nitrile gloves
Various topical creams and oral medicines
Medical tape
Sharpie marker (if you ever place a tourniquet, you'll need a way to put a big "T" and the time the tourniquet was applied on the victim's forehead)
Road flares (good for signaling help, but also a great way to start a fire with wet kindling)
GPS tracker
VHF-FM Marine radio (cell phone service up here is spotty, but the Coast Guard has numerous VHF relay towers all around the island, you're rarely out of range of one of them)
Extra gloves, the type depends on the time of year up here

Rear Box
My rear box is an "Action Packer" Wal-Mart special that convienantly slips into the void where my passenger seat is supposed to be. I secured it in place by drilling a hole for the seat mounting pin to come up into the box, then I slip a hitch pin in the notch on the seat pin, hold it in place very well.
12' endless round sling (14k lbs rated)
20' flat recovery strap (12k lbs rated)
A few carabiners (50Kn/11k lbs rated) way easier to manipulate with cold fingers than a shackle, about the same price (got mine on Amazon for $18 each) and they are put through extensive weight/load testing to meet ANSI 359.1 rescue standards (10k lbs minimum)
6' winch saver strap (6k lbs rated)
Extra water
Any foul weather clothing or other gear I may need

Shovel is mounted to the rear rack with Quick Fist mounts

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Back storage box carries a small 12v compressor and tire plug kit, along with the tools that come with the quad. Front storage box has a wind up flashlight and my rain gear. I plan to add a few pieces of rebar for when I'm riding alone and there's no trees within reaching distance. I also have a couple water bottles with me on every ride. And of course the essential side arm for protection purposes.

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OK, so it was cold and raining today so I took the time to get things organized for my next ride. We usually ride in pretty remote areas so we have to be self sufficient. Cell coverage is spotty at best.

Front Box

Tow strap
Tree saver
Bow saw with extra blades
Tire repair kit including Patches, Rubber cement, Emery cloth, Tire plugs & tools, Valve stems with valves and caps, Valve tool, CO2 inflator
Rags & hand cleaner
DEET spray
Folding shovel
Hunting knife
Spare nuts, bolts
Comprehensive first aid kit
Spare riding gloves

Rotopax Storage Box

Fuel deicer (isopropanol)
Factory tool pouch
Fire starter blocks
Cam buckle straps
Mechanic's gloves
Assorted hose clamps
CV boot clamps
Assorted electrical crimp terminals
Duct tape
Electrical tape
Zip ties
Epoxy putties
JB Weld (quick)
CV joint moly grease packs
Booster cables
Self-fusing silicone tape (CV boot repair)
Plastic body rivets
Insurance card
Leatherman multi-tool
Owners Manual (for Diagnostic code chart)
Spare set of spark plugs


Spare fuel (4 gal. Rotopax)
Tool box including Compressor, Socket set, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Torx wrenches, Vice grips, Adjustable wrench

Sounds like a lot but I've got room to spare and I've still got the box that replaces the passenger seat when riding solo.



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$20 first aid kit from Walmart
12v Air compressor
Box of patches and cement
Tire plug kit
Enough tools to get by
Multi-tool with knife
Folding shovel/axe
Toilet Paper
1 quart of oil

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Basic multi tool
first aid
wire ties
snickers bars
tire plug kit
air cansiter
rain gear
dry gloves
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