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Ok, having a brain fart.. I think.

had a 2019 sportsman 450 up graded to a 2020 570 so the wife got the 450.

when I did the first service on the 450, I changed all fluids (or at least I thought all fluids) at 25 hours. Engine oil and filter, front diff, and rear diff (gear case I think)

Well its almost time to do a service on the 570 and while sitting down having a beer and reading through the manual I noticed it says...
Engine oil 2 qts
Demand drive 9oz (front diff)
Rear gear case 7.1 oz
Transmission 32 oz

Ok so my question is... Is the rear gear case and tranny one the same? to me they wouldn't be if the book is showing 2 different amounts, but where are the drain/filler bolts for both if this is the case?
Did I miss a fluid change on the wife's 450 when I did it?


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It should say "If applicable"
The Owner's manuals shipped with the machines are generic and cover several different models and different variations of the same model. Some variations and models have a separate stand-alone rear gearcase that has its own fill and drain plugs. Your machines have a tranny/rear gearcase that's all one piece... 32 oz. AGL tranny fluid.
You can LOOK at the machine and tell the difference. A machine with a separate rear gearcase will also have a rear propeller shaft or drive shaft connecting it to the tranny like your pickup truck... Your machines don't have that.

Here's a pic of your machines:

Here's a pic of a machine with a separate rear gearcase:
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