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I have a 2006 Predator 500 TLE. Stock.

I have added K&N replacement filter.
New front and rear tires.
Machine runs good in my opinion, but I want to make it a little better for the Sand Dunes in Waynoka, OK

First trip to the dunes was ok, the rear tires kept digging into the sand instead of taking off out of it like you would expect an atv to do. I am pretty sure this is due to the fact that the Predator gets its Power on the high end. Any way here is what I am planning to do before the next trip to the dunes. FYI DO NOT buy Dual Ribbed front sand tires. They dig into the sand WAY TOO MUCH. Rolled my machine twice this trip and is the first time I have crashed down at the dunes in the last 5 years.

Single Ribbed Front tires Probably the Kenda K298 22x8
450r Honda Carb (already purchased)
40 Tooth rear sprocket and New chain.
HMF Slip Pipe

Also when I order the HMF Slip on common sense tells me that I will need to get the Honda 450r jetting kit and not the one that comes for the stock carb correct?

Ok now for my questions what do you guys think? Is there anything I could/should add or not do?
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