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2 questions about a 1997 xpress 400 2x4 with a rebuilt 250 motor

1st-Brake lever feels a little spongy. Takes awhile for ATV to come to a stop. I replaced the pads. The old ones were actually in pieces. I installed new wheel bearings. I bleed an entire bottle through lines. The rear/foot brake pedal and rotor are missing. Pads and caliper are there but don't move... Only have front brakes. Is this normal since I only have front brakes? Every now and then I can hear a squishing/air sound from master cylinder. I don't see air bubbles in reservoir though. Rotors are a little rough on one side of both rotors...

2nd-Loud whining sound when moving. At all speeds even slow enough to where I don't think the tires would be able to make the noise. Doesn't do it with rear end on blocks only when front is in motion. Tires are bald. New ones ordered. Belt had a small worn area. Replaced with an old belt I had that was in better shape, small cracks between ridges is all (dry rot a little).
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