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Hey guys...new to this forum... used them for my s10, Acura TL, 600rr. Love them. quick question. I put piston in backwards on last assemble... It fugged up the exhaust port where the power valve is and now the exhaust port looks to be maybe .5 inch higher into the combustion area.... Not a big deal but I just got a new piston and getting it bored. is that something that will prevent proper use or can I ride it with lower power like that (i don't mind). Bike is an 87..used jug cost 300, so does sleeving, and new jug is 700. Not worth those cost...thinking of asking the machine shop to weld in a bridge of somesort...Is it worth it??
I can't post pics yet but it is here!! at the link: just add the http part in front of it

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