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will this fix?

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There are no over size pistons - I'd be more concerned with the engine cases and crankshaft.

What do you mean the engine was new? What break-in procedure did you use? What were you doing when it blew?
The bike was new, if I rectify the cylinders, what piston size can I use, and if that is not possible, where to buy only the repair of cylinders and pistons?
Buy the pistons from Polaris - send them along with the cylinders to US CHROME in Fondulac Wi - click HERE for their work order form - about $150 per cylinder or check the price of new parts from Polaris.

I would give you more detailed information, but you are keeping it a secret as to the year and model of what you destroyed. If you are not a qualified mechanic, you would be money ahead to buy a rebuilt engine from N-Flow and finally, if the ATV was NEW, why haven't you contacted the dealer to invoke warranty?
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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