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I've seen a few people ask where to put the winch breaker and relay and some complain about the battery location. I tackled all 3 recently on my 2013 Sportsman 400 HO.
First I put the relay under the housing just under the headlight assembly where the ignition wires are tapped into. I screwed it into the side of the fender. Very secure and out of the weather and water. I pulled the factory installed winch wires back to this location and then used the wires that came with the winch to run from the relay to the winch.
Second, the battery terminals are impossible to reach. I turned the battery around and drilled access holes under the seat to get to the terminals. Easy to get with my fingers and any tool you want to use.
Lastly I mounted the circuit breaker just to the right of the battery under the seat on the inside of the fender. You'd be surprised how much room there is under the seat on the sides. It's mounted to all plastic and the bottom of the seat in the area is all plastic but just to be safe I loosely covered it with a piece of bicycle inner tube for short circuit purposes. It's secured by a few zip ties.
First pic is the battery mod, the second and third the circuit breaker, and the last shows the room on the side of the seat from behind with the covered circuit breaker at the left. Sorry, I didn't take any pics of the relay. I did them at different times.


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