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Winch Clicking Noise, Not Working

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I've had 2 different winches on my ATV. The first one starting making a clicking noise (which I assume is the relay box) when I'd push the "IN" button. The "OUT" button would work but if I released it and then hit the "IN" button, it would just click. Now if I pushed the "OUT" button and immediately pushed the "IN" button" it would work. But I would have to almost simultaneously release the "OUT" button and push the "IN" button for it to work. First, I replaced the winch and all the wiring with the exception of the switch. It worked great but within a few weeks it started doing it again. I then replaced the switch and it's still doing it. I opened the relay box and everything looks clean and connected. Any one else having this issue and if so, any suggestions for a fix?
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Sounds like the relay box is bad again. What winch is it? If the relay is part of the winch, you can get another brand of relay box and us that bypassing the old one.
The first winch I had on it was a Superwinch. The one on there now is a Badland from Harbor Freight. What kind and where can I get a good relay? Thanks!
The Badlands should be under warranty if you've only had it a few weeks. I would check with Harbor freight on it. Otherwise, any brand of contactor will hook up. Here's one option.

Cool, I'll check that out. Thanks man. I wonder what's causing the relays to break so quickly. All the vibration from off-roading maybe?
My terminal block got packed with mud and debris and it was shorting out and causing the same clicking noise. Cleaned it with a wood stick (don't use metal unless you disconnect the battery) and it was back up and running.

Have a rubber cover over the terminal block but that eventually created a mudsicle around all the terminals and it was grounding out.
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