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Winch issue with 2022 Polaris Sportsman 570 and Polaris Pro HD winch. Remote works but handlebar rocker switch does not.

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I recently installed a Polaris Pro HD winch on my 2022 Polaris 570. The wireless remote activates the winch without issue, and the auto-stop feature works flawlessly, but my handlebar switch does nothing, which makes it painful when I am plowing my driveway and constantly having to fumble for the wireless remote to raise and lower the plow.

I have rewired and reinstalled the winch and wiring harness multiple times with the same results. All of the fuses are good. Any ideas, or has anyone experienced this issue?
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I would look for a bent or pushed back pin at the connection where the handlebar switch plugs into the wire loome at the handlebar.
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