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hello everyone, i am looking for suggestions on where the safest and best spot would be to put a winch on my 2008 polaris sportsman 800. i know i have 2 options, i can take the plastic cover off and install there but i’m not too sure about how it’s gunna look. and if it’s the safest point four mounting. the 2nd option and the option i wanna do is below that where the radiator cover or filter (whatever you wanna call it) is at. it’s another issue of i don’t know if that would be the smartest thing to do is take the screen off and if there’s a good mounting point there or not but let me know what you guys think and if you have any pictures please share!
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Unless you have a heavy duty bumper with a winch mount, the only place to mount it would be the factory location. Anything else is likely to damage the frame and/or fail.

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where is the factory mount point at?
This is one of those RTFM moments.

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lmao i wouldn’t think it would have anything in there about winch mounting
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