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Bear with me lol... I’m no mechanic but dabble well. Just don’t have the experience needed so need some advice please. Bought the bike ran well for about an hour. Transmission problems brought me inside the garage to discover she do t start not more.. last run lasted one hour running fine, stopped and idled for about 15 mins then got back on did 3 feet and she choked. When I bring it back in, sits for a few minutes, take off the air intake and low and behold (photo 1) there is an accumulation of fuel where the air inlet is.... almost like it’s overflowing. (Photo 2) a small pipe under the carb originally only had a small piece of tubing left on it with no other tube in sight. Same for photo 3 which seems to be a vent... I think. (Photo 4) shows a piece of tubing / VAC object, I found these in the trunk. Tried hooking the bottom tube to the top, that didn’t work kept filling up, then tried leaving the top pipe free and plugging the VAC part on the bottom (pic 5). That worked a lot better managed to get an hour ride before she crapped the dust. Any ideas thoughts or questions I am open to suggestion. Thank you much!!!


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