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WYOMING AND UTAH are part of the western states--- WHy no listing:swordfight:

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I spent my first 24yrs in Michigan and then joined the Air Force in 1988. First duty station was in Wyoming and spent first 6 1/2 years there. Took a few years to get used to the wide open spaces and lack of trees. But I fell in love with the vast open space and when I would return back to MI for visits I felt closterfobic (spelling??). I left wyoming and got staioned in North Dakota for 2yr and then requested to go back to Wyoming and was lucky to return. Over all I spent almost 10 yrs of my 20 yr career in Wyoming and it was my favorite place to live. I felt it was an outdoorsman "PARADISE". I've lived in Michigan, , North Dakota (2nd favorite place) Vermont, Southern Illinois, Korea and Wyoming and visited several other states. I retired from the Air Force in 2009 and returned to MI because of family reasons. I WISH I WOULD HAVE MOVED BACK TO WYOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you for your service to our country TNW. My dad put in 26 years himself Marines

Cave you got any more details on that ride? that sounds like it would be worth the drive.
time it starts, location of start point, is there a website or contact info?
if i remember correct it starts at 9:00, start point is where u register up there at esterbrook, theres no website or contact info, if u have questions about anything send me a pm, i've been going to it for quite a few years. if u need directions let me know i'll try and find a map or something to show u or explain it the best i can
Destination Polaris had Saratoga on tonight anyone ride that area. I haven't been in that area before looks alot like the areas around here. Anything note worthy in that area?

its the Snowy range on the ATV Maps
theres a lot of wilderness down there, but where we can ride looks like some fun places, i wanna go down there this summer, the thing is gettin someone else to go too
how many people ride in your gang? I have between 2-10 depends on the location/times
depends on work schedules/ if they're wives let them go lol, i have different groups i ride with, most of the time its just my dad, sister, and I, and if our friends from colorado who own land on the mtn over here are up here, we ride with them, if we all rode toegether at once it would be around 15 - 20.
live in Lovell, ride in the bighorns all the tme, great place to ride. have rode in the the area around saratoga before, nice place, may have to plan a ride down there again someday.
I wanted to go down there this year, but the gf and I went to the bighorns instead, and now hunting season starts in september and its too late to go riding :( but bowhunting elk is way more fun anyway
Sweetwater here. Headed to AshleyNF this weekend a day or 2 I need to see some trees. The Red Desert is getting old after 10 years..
Im taken some eastern boys up to louie lake this week. Man is it dry

I havent rode ashley since they pulled that crap with the flaming gorge.
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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