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Correction: 2001 xpedition 425


I am sure this is an issue that has been discussed but I was unable to find a thread to answer my questions. I have been searching for a set of 12 inch rear rims for my 2001 xplorer 425 with no luck. Currently I have the factory set up of:

12x6 with 4/156 bolt pattern for front
10x8(9?) with 4/4 bolt pattern for the rear and 3 1/2 back and 6 front spacing.

I am having the hardest time finding a set of steel rims in the 12x7 or 12x8 (preferred) size with the 4/4 bolt pattern (they're all 4/156!!). Anybody either have a used pair in east TN area or know of where I could buy new?

Thank you in advance.
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