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Zig zag on dirt road

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Hey all, haven't had the bike long. It's a 2013 sportsman 850 xp with a 3 inch lift 2.5 inch stretch on 33 bkt's. I'm just wondering if a bike with this big of tire always ride like crap on soft loose dirt? Like it legit swerves all over the place at 25mph. It's pretty sketch to be honest. On pavement it doest swerve near as bad buthing does a little and the handlebars shake pretty food at 35. I haven't been over 40 because of this. Don't really need to be going fast but I would like if it didn't swerve or shake. Anything I can do?
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Just about all big mud tires will shake and shimmy at speed and its doubtful if you can balance it out of them with a ton of lead lol. Add in the change in geometry, camber and toe out from the lift and super tall tires makes it worse. You might be able to lessen it some but it will never again be really smooth at speed unless you put it back closer to stock.
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